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Are you an Educator or an Edupreneur?

educator or edupreneur?
Yes, you are an educator and you love it! What can you do to  have your passion bring  abudance to your life?
Mrs Kyrikaki’s  talk in the 38th TESOL Greece Convention exlores the innovative notion of the “edupreneur”.
Find out more in her interview to George Hatzis for the TESOL Greece blog.

Could you tell us a few things about your presentation and how it relates to this year’s Convention theme?
The most “practical” issue for every educator is to render their passion into an abundantly earning vocation. How? It’s a secret until Sunday!
Briefly tell us a few things about yourself as a professional.
I am a global learning facilitator, a passionate life-long learner, a discoverer with a growth mentality.
Is “keeping it practical” an important part of present day EFL classrooms? Why, do you think, this is?
With the world around us changing at inconceivable speed, it is practical both for educators and learners to go further than the theoretic aspect of education… It is essential that we all develop skills that will see us into the new era, such as grit, flexibility, collaboration and leadership.
Are there problems when new practices are applied in the classrooms?
As I love telling my learners, “there are no problems, only solutions”. After all, problem solving is one more 21st century skill to master, is it not?
Has it become easier or more complicated to teach English these past decades?
Easy and difficult are a matter of perspective. It definitely has become infinitely more creative!
What is one piece of advice that has been a beacon for your teaching over the years?
Fail early, fail often, fail forward
How important is CPD (Continuous Professional Development) in the teaching of languages?
Nowadays, I would rephrase CPD to Continuous Personal Development. All change comes from within, so it is only by changing our mentality that we are able to see all the myriad new possibilities open to us in this, oh so exciting, era for education…
What do you find demotivating as far as teaching is concerned?
Like change, motivation comes from the inside… that’s why we often share with seminar attendees the story of Kupe…I promise I will share it in my talk this year as well!
What is one of the things you will not forget from past TG Conventions?
I love the spirit of innovation and growth that transpires through the talks and workshops.
 Love Share Dare
IF you could one piece of advice to new Educators in the field of ELT what would it be?
Find out more about the wonderful work of TESOL Greece in their blog

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