Efi Kyrikaki

Dreams and learning have no age

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Efi Kyrikaki, CEO of MetaMathesis, is a certified adult educator, Positive
Leadership coach and mentor of women teachers who are in transition. Efi
is the mother of two happily married sons who cared while at the same time managing studies
and career. A stress-related burnout was her biggest gift at the time because
pushed him to realize the importance of mental empowerment and life skills.

Passionate advocate of lifelong growth, and high performance, Efi Kyrikaki
enjoys engaging in powerful discussions that lead to transformative learning and
impressive results. He believes that in order to survive in today’s competitive
environments, leaders around the world must be willing to evolve as lifelong
trainees to achieve Excellence.

As an experienced international NLP trainer he is honored to be a member of Dr John Grinder’s mentors team,
creator of the most advanced neurolinguistic programming system, NEW CODE. Having
train hundreds of people from London to Doha and from Portugal to India,
enjoys sharing her experience with empathy and generosity.

Efi is a research fellow at the University Lifelong Learning Programs
Aegean in the field of Coaching / Mentoring and Consulting. Her experiential presentations,
based on the principles of positive psychology, scientific coaching and NLP, have
inspire the inner smile in hundreds of people of all ages throughout Greece and

In 2017, in collaboration with the pioneering professor of Sociology of the University of the Aegean Efstratios
Papani, Efi Kyrikaki was the organizational mind behind the creation and the first president
of HCCMA (Hellenic Coaching Mentoring Consulting Association).

Her mission to strengthen and serve eventually led him to create it internationally
NeuroLearningPower® certified method, the structured mentoring system it supports
groups of female teachers to discover together the mentality and strategies to
empower themselves and their students to flourish.

He specializes in Multiple Intelligences at Harvard University, Project Zero as well as
Vocational guidance consultant with the Ariston rating system. Oι
Her training in Coaching focuses on positive psychology with specializations in Positive
Intelligence with the creator of the method Shirzad Shamine. and in Positive Leadership in
business sector with the EQ Assessment system by the international organization Six Seconds. Efi
faithful to its principles of supporting its customers as it develops its skills, it continues to
MSc in Applied Psychology at London Metropolitan University
in trauma management with Stephen Gilligan, creator of the Generative Change method.

Success Stories

In the last two years of working with Elena our company’s financial results have
outperformed those of the previous decade

Doros K.

Thank you Elena for being my partner in crime during the mastermind course, for testing
my ideas and for shifting my mindset in the dark times this year

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