Sofia Papakalousi

When you work to inspire others… your reward is in helping better themselves ,
lifting your life in the process.

  • NLP Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • High Performance Coaching

In 1994 he began teaching English as a second and foreign language to adults at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont, USA. Shortly afterwards, she began her Learning Design and Technology Certificate in Education program at Harvard Extension School (2001) at Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA, and completed her doctoral dissertation on “Married women in education” (2006) at the same university. . After completing her studies and taking classes with Professor Robert Kegan at Harvard University on Coaching, she decided to delve into the field and graduated from the Advanced Diploma in Life and Business Coaching program at Kingstown College, Ireland. Shortly afterwards he was certified as a Coach by the American Association ICF. Finally, in 2014, he attended the Immunity to Change program at Harvard University in Massachusetts, USA. organized by Professors R.
Kegan and L. Laskow – Lahey.

She has collaborated with Aegean College as a lecturer in the Coaching Program. Is
Associate of MetaMathesis since 2014 in the Coaching and Internship programs
in collaboration with the Lifelong Programs of the University of the Aegean.
As a life learner, he constantly monitors developments in the field of adult education
and Coaching. Continuing to grow to support more effectively
her trainees, is currently completing another doctoral research
on coaching in adult education “. Member of the American AAACE
(American Association for Adult and Continuing Education) and the Scientific
Adult Education Association, has been working as an adult educator since 1994
in Greece and the USA

Success Stories

In the last two years of working with Elena our company’s financial results have
outperformed those of the previous decade

Doros K.

Thank you Elena for being my partner in crime during the mastermind course, for testing
my ideas and for shifting my mindset in the dark times this year

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