Tyna Konstantopoulou

Collaboration with MetaMathesis brings entrepreneurship to education.

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Tuna Konstantopoulou, awarded the Gold Prize in Pioneering and Research in Education (2020 – CWSIR) and the Bronze Award in Support of Students with SEN in Foreign Language Education (2020 – ELT News), has studied English Language and Philology at the National University and the University of Athens. , and received a Master’s Degree in Special Education with Excellence from Frederick University of Cyprus. Tuna has 15 years of teaching experience at all levels of the Common European Framework for Foreign Language Education, and since 2017, has been participating in workshops and conferences around the world with the aim of informing and raising awareness on issues such as early intervention and special educational needs.
She is a Tutor and Module Leader at MA in TESOL at Staffordshire University, a teacher instructor at MetaMathesis Education, while maintaining her own space of intervention and integration in English.

Success Stories

In the last two years of working with Elena our company’s financial results have
outperformed those of the previous decade

Doros K.

Thank you Elena for being my partner in crime during the mastermind course, for testing
my ideas and for shifting my mindset in the dark times this year

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