As a 2nd language educator, I am blessed to be around children of all ages learning from them and with them. And as an NLP Trainer and Inspiration Coach it is my life mission to make these lessons count for young and…younger people all over the world.

We are all gifted, but do we focus on it?

This is the time of the year that the yard and the classes of our language school keep filling with the delightful chirping of new students’ voices. As I talk to them and see them perform during class observation, there is one fact that is crystal clear in my mind: all of them are gifted. Some are amazing artists, others excel at sports while others still develop a native-like accent in their new language very fast.
Everyone is good at something, multiple somethings more often than not.And what do we do with these gifts? Let me give you an example. In one of my recent NLP trainings there was a mother desperate to help her son. All the room was listening with increasing interest as she told us Johnny’s story. He is a lively, sociable 8-year-old who does spectacular things with his hands. He has fixed broken devices from motorbikes and TV sets to watches that qualified workmanship has left off as beyond repair. He has even created his own model aeroplane!

And what was her problem, we were all wondering? Well, Johnny was bad at spelling… And his teacher kept sending her notes to make him “work on his problem”. And the more  Johnny focused on “his problem”, the more disheartened he got. His disillusionment spread to his other school work. He needed more and more pressure to study. Grades dropped.

Your focus determines your self worth

You may already be seeing where the actual “problem” was rooted. Everyone and everything was focusing, not on Johnny’s strengths but on his one weakness.Isn’t this what we are told to do since we are young? “Work on your weakness if you want to get on in life.” Many adults unwillingly strip children of their confidence and abilities by indisting on making them address their weaknesses. My suggestion?

Work your strengths not your weaknesses. Make sure you get awesome at what you do well!
The unfortunate fact is that when you learn to constantly work on the things you are bad at, you get more and more disheartened  as your inner value and self esteem keep diminishing.
Can you relate to this? Have you been focusing on a weakness? Have you been allowing this weakness to define you, to make you feel less than enough, to diminish your real value?If yes, can you see where the educational system needs to change direction completely? And do you realise how different our life as adults will be when we change focus now?

Neuroscience shows the path

Is it a scientific fact though? Yes! The spectacular  ability of the brain to adapt and change so that it learns and develops new skills, is called neuroplasticity. The most amazing fact that neuroscience proved in recent years, is that our brains remain plastic and keep learning all through our lives!

Would you like to know how? It is much like trying to create a new path in a forest. You can only do it by opening a new one. As the new path is walked on, the old one gets overgrown and finally disappears.

NLP strategies

This is how NLP strategies can be applied in learning and in life: Support us as we aim at focusing on our amazing strengths and help us reach our real, infinite potential. Because we can and we deserve it!

This is what we focus on in our journey of PROTON NLP Practitioner starting on October 12th in Athens. (and later in Thesaly and Cyprus).  Inspire and empower new Practitioners as they craft new paths and aquire the skills to support themselves and others in a completely different way.

Learn more. Now is the time to take action.

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 …and you may already be wondering how these lessons can be applied in education… Just wait. Wonderful news is around the corner!
Effie Kyrikakis,  Educator, Change Agent, International NLP Trainer

Effie Kyrikakis, an established teacher trainer with a bacgroung in coaching, NLP and psychology, is the creator of NeuroLearningPower® an evidence-based mentoring method that supports women educators to discover strategies to empower themselves and their students to thrive.

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